FPV over internet via RPI3

Dear Friends: My F450 is now connected over Internet (cellular 3G), using Raspberry Pi 3 as companion computer, which is connected to Internet over 3G/4G USB Dongle with local telecomm operator’s SIM. RPI3 is connected to Pixhawk via MAVLink telemetry following this wiki.

Now, my requirement is …

1/ connect a light weight camera with RPI3, which should also have ZOOM functionality.
2/ save/record pic and video on RPI3 and stream it to my GSC/FPV over internet.

will appreciate your help.


There’s a fair bit of work required to do this properly, a little less (but still not trivial) to just hack a functional demonstrator.
Hack: use webRTC to stream the video via a free stun/turn/ice server. In most cases this will punch through the telcos NAT. You’ll need to figure out the api for your camera, but should be able to gain control of it. Even for someone who’s never done it before (ie me, when I did this), it only took an afternoon to get going, from scratch.
Better: use something like ZeroTier or AWS to manage NAT traversal and give full SSH/VNC to your Pi, meaning you can do whatever you want as if the Pi was local, use gstreamer, ffmpeg, whatever.

@james_pattison: I am able to do Live stream from my quad, all 4G/Cellular with below flow…
RPI camera OV5647 --> RPI4 -->ffmpeg -->YOUTUBE -->VLC/my PC
now I want to capture above to MP’s HUD. I posted the same question here