FPV hardware for cam feed into QGC?

I want to add an FPV cam to my fixed wing. I don’t need a long rangeor OSD, just the possibility to show the live feed in QGC and I want to store the video feed on disc in my laptop.

As for hardware, I think I need:

  • a cam
  • a vtx
  • a vrx
  • a video capture device to convert from analog to digital signal to be able to feed it to QGC

I see that there are digital VTX/VTR combos from DJI, Walksnail and HDzero. Can I connect those digital VRXs directly onto my laptop without needing a video capture device?

Can you guys recommend a decent combo (either digital or analog) for a fair price? I’m not after the cheapest stuff, but I don’t need the most expensive either. All tips are welcome.

You may need a Analog to USB camera like this one

The latency should be upto approximately 1 second!

Any radiomodem with Ethernet and sufficient bandwidth will do. If it has serial adapter you can use it for telemetry too. Of course you will need an IP camera too.

@bigboy061293 - Thanks for the tip! That sounds exactly right. Do you maybe have a link to the website where you found that image? I’d be happy to buy exactly that. I found a similar thing here, although from what I can see the video quality could be better.

One more question; I see that they use a specific app to view the video on their android phone. Do you know how I could route that video on my computer from USB into QGroundControl?

@LupusTheCanine - So I can use an ip camera? If I search for ip-cams I find primarily security cams, which don’t really have a good form factor for building them into my plane. Do you have a specific example of what could work?

SIYI has a whole range of remote gimbals and IP cameras that are Ardupilot compatible.