FPV camera stream via 4G/LTE telemetry? + General questions about my ranger 2400 plane project

Is there any way this is possible without blowing the bank for the 4G telemetry module?
I am looking at this telemetry module ClearSky Airlink 4G/LTE telemetry module
but if anyone finds a better one for under 200 USD I am fine with that.

Making a new plane based on Ranger 2400 this summer
Also, it will be based on analog FPV.

P.S. if the video cannot be sent to mission planner what alternatives do I have? And how could I disable the VTX midair after takeoff to save on power? I imagine using video streamed via mobile data for takeoff and landing is not the best

I’ve also found a metric ton of Pixhawk 6C controllers. Does anyone have a recommendation of which to pick for Ranger 2400? I can (and will) figure it out myself but some recommendations from someone who used a 6C / v6 would go a long way as everything kind of relies on the fc

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Last thing, kind of curious if I can connect my remote control to the ground station (Laptop) and control the plane via telemetry instead of ELRS

You can use tools such as UAV 4G Tool or UAVmatrix.

They use a Raspberry PI in the aircraft (in addition to the flight controller) to communicate with a 4G/LTE stick. This can also be used to transmit (limited) video and display it in the Mission Planner.

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What do you mean by “limited” video?

Low resolution, frame rate due to the low bandwidth of 4G/LTE. Take a look at the linked pages and read the documentation.

That is kind of what I expected, thought u meant something else by limitations. Ill probably run a separate FPV camera using analog VTX for takeoff / landing

You can look into OpenIPC project for cameras

Thanks. I also want to use dragonlink for secondary telemetry but rn I cannot find a single one in stock - anyone knows where I can buy dragonlink V3 and it is in stock? (note, must ship to RO, where I am rn)