Foxtech 30000mah 6S Battery, any one try it?


I was looking this battery:

A 6S LIPO 30 Amp bettery with the same weight of a 20Amp…

What do you think? That its real?? any one has try it?

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The battery you linked is Li-Ion - so the weight makes sense.

Kinda unrelated - but I am really interested in their 30Ah 5C-rated battery that is the weight of a 22Ah battery.

They also have a 22Ah version…


Hav you already try any of that?


Very interesting, looks like these have just a high enough C rating for a heavy lift Hex I’m working on. May try to persuade the grand powers to order a few.

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I have bought some batteries, I will post my experience with my 6KG Hexa as soon as I get some flights.


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Looking forward to this, we would like to put these batteries on our aircraft too (with estimated max sustained draw of 3C).

Have you had a chance to test the batteries yet?

I have an associate that purchased 2 of these “solid state” LiPo batteries. :blush:
One arrived with a dead cell, but the other one sent the copter and gimbal crazy.
When driving a motor it does radiate a lot more EMI than a standard LiPo (Tatu 25A to 26A 6S).

When the dead cell in battery one was revived enough to test fly, it did NOT cause the copter and gimbal to go ‘crazy’ (his words), but of course is not useable.

When the supplier was contacted they would not take them back or refund.

LOL. “Sold” and you can’t return it. Well, probably not funny for your associate that paid $570 for it.These must have been built with the 9800mah 18650 batteries.

Yes, I did mean Solid, Doohhh

Looking at the pack closely they are flat cells the same as ‘normal’ LiPo batteries.
So I wonder if they have made flat cell Li-Ion batteries, or if it’s just marketing BS.

Yea, I was kidding about the use of 18650’s. There is such a range of ridiculous claims with some of those.

Sorry for the delay. Here is my report

I bought 10 batteries, 5 of them have arrived damaged, because fedex bad services. Fox tech have replaced free of charge, but I had to pay the taxes again.

About the battery, no 18650 assembly, are almost the same format than the lipo, 6 long cells.

About the use, I have try just one time, I saw no problem at all, no compass problems (and i have the compass next to the battey , I didn’t measure how long I flew, but seems to be the same than a 20.000 amp.

Seeing some mixed reviews about these batteries. Was really hoping to use them - but maybe not anymore?

Since the scandal of GEB LiPo cells back in around 2015, I still have six very expensive and very unusable 8s"12Ah" packs to remind me not to believe anything to a shady Chinese reseller, who tends to hide the original manufacturer of his “products”.
If it is too good to be true then it is very likely false :slight_smile:

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Alright so we got a pair of these Foxtechs in (6S, 30Ah) and have done 1 flight. The holidays and weather slow testing down quite a bit.

Initial impressions where they were packed well and suffered no damage. They are very comparable in size and weight to this Tattu battery which I will be testing them against.

Given the Foxtechs claim to be some new hybrid battery type of battery (and I saw language on the website that mention draining them to ~2.5V per cell) I wanted to be cautious about what level we drained them to right off the bat. So, during the maiden flight I set Ardupilot to land at 3.4V per cell.

We got right at 32min of hover time before we reached 3.4V / cell on a 16.2kg AUW Hex copter, with fairly moderate winds. As it turns out this was almost exactly the same time we got from the Tattu 25Ah batteries drained to the same voltage in similar conditions. The big difference was when the 25Ah batteries reached that voltage it was falling at an accelerating rate indicating there was not much useful capacity left in the batteries, but when the 30Ah batteries reached that same point the voltage was still quite stable and was not noticeably falling faster. This indicates there may be some truth to Foxtechs claims about draining the batteries to much lower voltages than standard li-pos to get the rated capacity out of them.

The cells were within an 8mV spread across both batteries after the test flight.

The current sensor on the drone is very poorly calibrated so the mAh counting is not much to go on atm but it claimed we used 21.82Ah during that flight. And when I recharged the batteries, they took 22.40Ah.

My boss is not ready for me to toast $1100 worth of batteries and possibly a 6K drone to find out the point where these run out of steam so I will be building a setup to measure the capacity and discharge curve of these batteries in the Lab, at the same current draw our drone requires at hover ~40A.

I will post back when that is done, it will probably be close to the end of the month.


Oh and no we did not have any compass issues with the batteries. I have a hard time imagining a mechanism that would cause any battery to do that beyond what a large mass of metal could do.


Had you tested these battery how are they in performance to Tattu 6S HV 25A , i had bought foxtech 6s 30000mah diamond solid state batteries , will be using them as 12s 60A pack , i had previously used Tattu HV 6S 25A , any reference about testing , drain voltage will be helpful .

Due to some shifting priorities I haven’t gotten to properly test the fox tech 6S 30Ah yet, although I have done some short flights with them without issues.

I was able to do a few long flights with 2 series tattu 6S HV 25Ah batteries. They did do pretty well I was able to do a 47 min flight on a 14kg copter the other day. Managed to drain about 23.5Ah from each so I do think they meet thier spec. We charged to 4.35V per cell. Cells stay pretty close in voltage.

Hoping to do some really thorough battery testing in May.

Thanks for help, my drone is 30kg auw , so will be testing the both semi solid 30a 6s diamond against tattu 25a 6s hv in lab test , hoping for semi solid to be better as i had spend huge amount on semi solid ones

Any updates on this end regarding testing. I recently acquired a 6s 30Ah Semi-Solid state from T-Motor (probably same production plant as Foxtech) and they have worked well for the past couple flights I have had them onboard.