Four wheeled Skid-steer

Hello, All,

I am building a skid-steering rover that has four wheels that are driven by four independent 280Kv brushless motors I have four 100amp Esc’s with reverse. I am running a modified flysky Fs-t6 that has the throttle stick set with a rebound spring. Right now I am using a joiner wire to make the motors on one side run together and the other side will run the others basically driving it like a tank. I would like to program throttle ramping for my channel 3 and 2. or maybe tie some outputs together to remove my joining wire. The ardupilot that I have is the 2.8 version with rover firmware on it.
I am open to suggestions on how to optimize the driving with the setup I have.

The simplest improvement is to buy a new autopilot board:

Any of those cheap boards listed above can run the latest ArduRover software.
And it will perform much better than the 4 years old SW that you are currently using.