For self build drone what is the ideal thrust power of each rotor motor vs weight?

For self build drone, what is the ideal ratio of weight vs rotor motor thrust.
For example I intend to build a 13kg hexacopter.
Would a 6.5kg x 6 motor enough? Total 39kg which is 3 times the drone weight?
Of course it should be a balance of efficiency and capabilities.

i think most here would recommend at least a 2x thrust-to-weight. my 2kg quad sits at around half-throttle (1500) in hover and it controls very well.

i think going too high can lead to problems with clipping on the lower end. 3x should probably be good, but not actually sure.

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Yes, 3to1 would probably be OK. You might even have to add a dummy payload during tuning.
2to1 is the minimum.
Pay for a subscription to ecalc, it costs less than the price of a cheap set of props, and can save you from buying the wrong parts.
Its battery weights are per cell, you tend to assume it would be total battery weight.

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Thanks this eclac is great.