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Follow mode does not work at all

I switched to follow from loiter mode.
The quad tried to attack me, lost altitude and landed.

ArduCopter 3.6.11
Matek F405-CTR
QGC-daily Android 2019-10-09

Dataflash Log

Could you possibly be a bit more specific about what you did and what happened? What were you attempting to follow? Did you actually configure the follow mode parameters to identify the target and offsets? What are you using for telemetry between vehicles?

My initial guess is that you did had it configured to follow your android device’s location without configuring offsets to keep it a less frightening distance away from you. I can’t look at the log from work, but that sounds like what you’re describing.

sorry - yes I tried to make the quad follow my android device.
The telemetry link is WiFi.
I think the parameters are ok.
I had a discussion with DonLakeFlyer (QGC), see here.

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