Foll_ofs_z in follow not working with copter

Hello ! I have a simulation with two vehicles. A rover (id 1, 14550) and a copter (id 2, 14560). I use the swarm option of MP to make the copter follow my rover and this works great !


Now I want to be able to change the altitude of the copter compared to the altitude of the rover so I’ve set foll_alt_type to 1 and when i change the foll_ofs_z to -10 or 10 the copter stays at the same altitude. Isn’t it suppose to be effective immediatly ? I anyone has info on this parameter i’d be happy to get some help.

Thanks !

well I just found out that in swarm in order to make the follower go elsewhere one had to moove the red circle in the graph below…

However since I want to make it moove with the parameter foll_ofs_z (using a script) it doesn’t work in my case.

Now I am not able to use the menu “follow the leader”. I set the leader and then press start the same way I did in swarm but the “location” for both vehicles stays at 0 and the follower don’t moove.

So I am still looking for help ! :slight_smile:

does anyone knows how to use the “follow the leader” please ?