Flywoo GOKU GN 745 AIO - PWM pads now on backside?

I just got a Flywoo GOKU GN 745 AIO FC and wonder how to find out where PWM 5-8 are to find?
The latest description seems to refer to an old version of the FC.

Now for this 4 pads there is obviously another PCB layout. Two of them are now GND and 5V.

On the backside where the F051K86’s are located, there are some small round pads near to the mentioned chips for the ESC’s.

Link to the picture of the backside:

There are 10 small round pads. The one in the edge obvoiusly is no data pad.

Some of the pads seem to go to pin 24 of the F051K86’s.

Can anyone help further to find out if this pads are usable for PWM?

With some research i found out, that pin 24 on the ESC chip should be for telemetry.

I don’t see any evidence that there are 8 outputs.