Flying wing with separate aileron and elevator surfaces

I have a flying wing, a Zeta FX-79 Buffalo, it has on the back of the wing four rudder surfaces. Is there any negative with setting it up so i have the 2 outer surfaces as aileron and the 2 inner as elevator and not as usual on a flying wing use elevons? I guess i can set it up as a regular tailplane and set the KFF_RDDRMIX to 0 or something like that?

Maybe i am wrong but i think i have a system thats not as critical against servo failures with this solution, if one servo stops working i always have at least one aileron or one elevator that works. On my earlier wings with only elevons always have resultet in a crasch when a servo has failured.

Anyone that tried this solution?


Your suggestion is very valid.

It makes setup simpler as you are using a normal wing with elevator control only.
No rudder.

And, as you say, gives you a small degree of redundancy on your control surfaces if one servo should fail.

Have used this on flying wings with good success.

Could you provide a feedback and share your settings please… ?

I have the same flying wing…

My test with using the inner surfaces as elevator and the outer as aileron did not go so well, the respons on elevator on the inner surfaces was nearly zero so nothing i rekomend, after many attempts i gave this up, it was impossible to get the wing in the air, every test start resultet in going home and rapair :-)when i configured it as it was supposed to with mixed aileron/elevator on the outer surfaces the wing started to act as i should ad flew great, sorry but i dont have my config file any longer, the plane has ince log time been retired due to other misstakes :slight_smile: so i recomend you to not config as i started with. after a fx-79 and a fx-61 i now have a fx-84 ready for maiden.


Thanks, I think that I will set outer surfaces to flaps and inner to elevons and restore KFF_RDDRMIX to 0.5

I’m open to a better idea

Could you say wich propeller type have you used ? (Folding propeller ? Wich size, wich folding system… ? I never used folding propeller…)