Flying a drone on antarctica


Does anyone have experience with flying a drone on antarctica?

We want to fly a drone there but we don’t know if the compass or gps will have a lot op interference.

Hey Mark, I have experience on the north pole Greenland. Cube, calibrated the compass last time in Tromsø, so quiet far away and had no problems. Make sure that your fc is temperature compensated, or calibrate the acc in the operating temp :wink: always be ready to take over and do manual flying , flyaway is possible.

Hey hans

Thats good to here.
Thanks for the answer

@mirkix might have done some work down south

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I’ve flown on the geographic north pole, and many other places on the way there/back.
If you fly Arducopter, it may toilet bowl a bit, I usually flew a manual box, nose first, or a circle, the EKF learned and worked perfectly even with that magnetic field. (Did calibrate in Tromsø only, where I live)

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