Flow Hold won't descend?

Flow hold seems to work pretty well, but will not descend even with my throttle at the bottom. Any ideas what would cause this? My rangefinder (leddar one) seems to be reading properly. Thanks!

I’m getting a bad lidar health message, despite the fact that it seems to read ok via sonar range.


Here’s the log if you’d like to take a look. Has anyone else gotten flow_hold working?

Looked at the log - the controller doesn’t seem to be setting a desired climb rate while in flowhold. I’m not sure if this is intended.

I was planning on testing this myself, but I can’t get the flowhold mode to show up. Are you running RC12 ChibiOS? What FC board?

edit: Looked at the code, it appears that flowhold is supposed to allow the pilot to adjust climb rate, as well automatically adjust climb rate based on rangefinder readings. I’m not sure why it didn’t work in your flight.

Thanks for checking it out. I’m on RC12 ChibiOS Pixhawk Cube. I’m using a Leddar One and a Px4flow.

Got flowhold to work. I am experiencing the same thing as you - I cannot descend while in flowhold mode, so it’s not just you. I suspect that this not intended because it doesn’t make sense that it allows you to ascend but not descend.


Thanks for the report. I will add this to our 3.6.0 issues list once github recovers. BTW, I don’t immediately see the problem in the code but I’m sure we can find it with a bit more investigation.

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I’ve found and fixed the issue here in this PR. It’s a very straight forward bug so I’m planning to include the fix in Copter-3.6.0 which is just about to go out…

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