Flir Vue Pro Mavlink Altitude vs Relative Altitude Values

Was testing today a Flir Vue Pro R connected via mavlink on Serial 2 in order to get Geotag on my images.
The first test seems to be doing ok, but on the pictures, i realize that they have been tagged with Alt values and not Relative Altitude values.
Does anyone know a solution to this?
P.S. at the moment of test I was flying with RangeFinder ON and OFF while taking pictures and on all of them the Altitude is Normal and not relative or the rangefinder altitude.

It’s the FLIR, not ArduCopter. It reads GPS altitude off the mavlink stream.

Than you for your reply. I was reading the Flir manual and understood that there is a way to have either one, but it seems its not the case.
Thanx anyway, this “issue” is closed.

Try parameter DEV_OPTIONS 2 which allows display of relative altitude on OSD devices
Bit 1 (decimal 2) = DevOptionVFR_HUDRelativeAlt