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FLIR Duo Pro - Camera Trigger via Mavlink?

My FLIR Duo Pro is able to receive Mavlink data from Serial5 and is geo-tagging images based off of the copter’s GPS data. Removing the camera from Serial5 removes the geo-tagging information as expected.

RC10_Option has been set to 9, “Camera Trigger”, but I am not able to trigger the camera with Mission Planner’s “Trigger Camera Now” function via Mavlink.

After assigning PWM3 in the Duo Pro to “Record Start/Stop” and assigning Servo10 option to “10 Camera Trigger” on the FC, everything works as expected and I am able to trigger the camera from MP and from an assigned switch on the transmitter.

For reference I am using a Gremsy Pixy-F gimbal assigned to Telem2, Cube 2.1 AC 3.6.10 and the FLIR Duo pro connected to Serial5.

I have contacted FLIR and a couple of other resources to determine if the more advanced camera options are included in their Mavlink implementation, which I expected since this was available on the Flir Vue Pro and original Duo - nothing heard so far.

Any troubleshooting advice would be appreciated. At this point my next step will be to write/build an Arduino project that monitors the Mavlink connection to the FLIR Duo Pro and see if I can detect a camera trigger message.




Yes I did it too, and if you want, you can georeference the picture directly on the flir. You have to use the RX and TX last cables from the flir cable and use a serial port from the pix. I use it to build an thermal orthomosaic and is was great!

Alberto, where you able to trigger the camera via Mavlink?

Long time I dont do that, but as I remember, is over here…, red square

Thanks Alberto. I wonder if there is a setting in Mission Planner that sets this by default so that you can use the “Trigger Camera NOW” function without uploading a command and executing it.

Did you try here?

Yes I did, but thank you Alberto for the suggestion. I tried assigning a servo to see if it would jump start Mavlink communications with the Camera but it did not.

Since I am asking the camera to monitor and respond to the Mavlink camera trigger command, I would hope would not have to do this.

On pasts projects I have successfully implemented Arduino code to monitor for the Mavlink shutter command and actuate a shutter on a digital camera.


Rich, have you tried the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL option ?

You can assign special functions to some channels, so that you can use a switch to trigger the camera.
You can also right click on the map on the main screen in Mission Planner and there will be a ‘trigger camera now options’.
Similar under he action tab, there’s a function drop down where you can set it to trigger the camera and only have to click a button.

As for triggering the camera itself, are you use that it’s looking for a PWM signal and not a relay (~3v).


My goal is to eliminate the need to use PWM channels to control the camera, and use the existing Mavlink serial connection with the Do-Digicam-Control command. The DUO Pro only has three available PWM channels, and a ton of functions that supposedly can be controlled via Mavlink.

For testing I have assigned channel 10 to a switch on the transmitter and to a servo output on the FC, and this works as long as I have a PWM channel assigned and connected to the Duo Pro to that servo channel. The goal however, is to trigger the camera with Mavlink and the serial connection to the device, using Do-Digicam-Control. I can trigger the camera from both the main screen and the action tab, but again, only via PWM. The DUO Pro is receiving GPS data from the Mavlink serial connection so I am confident that the FC and camera are communicating.


Do you mean from a command issued during a mission? If all else fails I will put this in the air and try that, but was hoping to test from the ground. If I can get this working there a numerous other Mavlink commands for the DUO Pro I would like to try, such as changing color pallette, Zoom, PIP etc.



Apologies. I misunderstood.
I’m not sure if that is actually transmitted via the mavlink serial.

I would read through this:

No problem! I had an Arduino based project I made a few years ago that triggered the camera via Mavlink and it worked great.

Our team’s 3DR Solo with a FLIR Vue Pro R also triggers the camera via Mavlink, and a few more functions as well such as Color Pallete and Zoom.

I haven’t tried the CAM_TRIG_DIST in any of the latest firmwares, but it was active enough that carrying the copter around triggered the camera.
Very handy for debugging and ensuring that everything was working.
Also not sure if it is sent on Mavlink.
But as it has not been mentioned I was just throwing it in there.

Thanks! I may give that a try.

So far - no response from FLIR after three attempts via email. I may give them a phone call tomorrow.

Keep me posted, please. I have the Duo/Gremsy at work, waiting for a proper multicopter to be built for carrying it.

Interested in this too. I am in the same boat, Duo Pro R doesn’t get triggered by mavlink command, only pwm.

@wn0x by any chance could you have the shutter feedback working from the duo pro r? I tried everything possible but i was never able to have feedback working.

Thanks Cornel, I will let you know what I find out.

Corrado, can you point me to the info on shutter feedback? Can’t seem to find that.

It is on the manual. One of the pins of the connector changes state on triggering. I have never been able to recognize it with ardupilot and show it on mission planner.
You may find this interesting:

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