Flip After Crash - Turtle Mode

I was wondering if there is flip after crash mode implemented in arducopter like there is in betaflight. If there is not, i was wondering how hard it would be to implement. This is a very important feature for my current drones and the only thing preventing me from moving them over to a pixhawk FC.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer this question? “Turtle” mode is a must have for my current projects and i am really hopping to start building our indoor drones with autopilot hardware instead of betaflight. maybe someone has some suggestions on how this could be accomplished.

It does not have that feature. You can post a feature request here and hope that someone takes it up. The list is quite lengthy and my guess is it would struggle for any priority.

Or you can write your own code. IMHO this can be used only with very specific and rare case, with special frames that can sit on the back without obstructing the props. Also need current limiter for the ESC as well to prevent burning out the ESC in case the props are blocked.

I have seen a lot of drone pilot using this feature, it is very useful in cases where you have crashed in an area that is hard to access by foot, like a roof, and it would be nice to have a chance to recover your drone. I personal have used it to get a drone out of a tree that I got stuck in. It was very useful to be able to reverse the throttle and flip it out. But, for my current project I am actually working on drones for law enforcement where they can send the drone into a building first if they suspect there is a dangerous individual inside. I have things in place to help them not crash, but if they do end up crashing and the drone flips over, I do not want them to have to end the missions there. With our current iteration(the wasp), using beta-flight firmware, if they crash, they flip a switch, flip the drone back over, and they are back in business.



Well, make an “Enhancement” post in GitHub and make your case.

Isn’t this kind of dependant on reversing ESCs?

Sadly we don’t support reversing ESCs in ArduCopter ATM. So this isn’t
just a matter of create a small control loop thing…

Would be awesome to get this, of course.

I have made an Enhancement post on GitHub, Fingers crossed.

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Hey @jcarff,

not sure if you have seen this, but there was some progress in the Github post as this should be easy to implement now. Maybe you can have a look? :upside_down_face: