Flightdeck Arduplane config help needed

I am trying to configure flightdeck for Arduplane version 3.7.1 on a pixhawk.

I am using the commercial cable between the pixhawk serial 2 and an XSR receiver. When configured in mode 4 the serial port sends telemetry which my Taranis X9D+ recognises as various sensors are enumerated.
When configured in mode 10 (frsky Sport passthrough (OpenTX) , the “correct” mode for Flightdeck) there is no output from the serial port (I have checked this with an oscilloscope, mode 4 has serial data, mode 10 has nothing ).

Am I missing some other configuration needed to get data from the serial port in mode 10?

OK. Solved. Should have read the Flightdeck manual more literally :blush:.
Serial Mode 10 does not work on arduplane 3.7.1 and needs 3.8.0 (currently beta 5) . While I’m not comfortable flying a beta version it has got Flightdeck working :slight_smile: