Flight Mode to Test Throttle Range

From what I gather, the sudden acceleration of the motors in stabilize, when I throttle up just beyond arming…this is normal. It has to do with the hover learning function.

Question 1) Will the drone climb to a certain height then hover / stop climbing?

Question 2) can this hover height be adjusted/preset?

Question 3) can i set things up so there is no sudden acceleration just abovr idle throttle? Ultimately i would want throttle to increase only as much as i throttle up…click by click.

My fear is that two clicks up on throttle it takes off. But then when I wanna land, throttling down brings it below hover and it crashes.

1, no.
2, n/a (because of 1)
3, make sure you’ve followed the turning guide for your build. If you have set it up properly, in stabilized mode the RPM should increase proportionally as you raise the throttle. Alt-hold and loiter mode will hold a fixed altitude with the throttle at mid travel.

When you take off in alt hold or loiter you will need to advance the throttle above half to get it to climb. In stabilized it will climb as soon as the motors are going fast enough, it’s all up to you then.

It just popped into my mind that you can use QGC to perform an automatic takeoff to a specific height. I would only do this once the tuning is competed.

Throttle learning only happens in non-manual flight modes.

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So here is where my mind / reasoning is at. Throttle may SEEM disproportionate after arming, but likely it is not. If I did all the pre-tuning, etc…should be fine. The bottom end is just over 950pwm as-is. So as I throttle up, it is likely just how to drone reacts / sounds with blades and a load.

Yes, and Stabilize mode is purely manual. There is attitude stabilization of course but that’s about it. As @Allister suggested you may be better off in AltHold or Loiter on Takeoff once Tuning is complete.

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Do you have experience with AltHold? I’m reading up on it, but the mid-throttle controlling height is a bit confusing. How is the actual altitude set?

Hover throttle

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It’s clicking a bit, just had my modes backwards. So in Alt Hold, it’s really a incremental increase of throttle to a desired altitude. Throttle down once desired height is reached. At this point (in Alt Hold), hover learning happens. Hover position can be 20% as easily as 40% based on drone specals (like weight). Alt Hold will not send drone skyrocketing upwards unless I slam throttle up.

Correct (assuming all the basics are working properly). And likewise, it won’t fall from the sky if you pull the throttle all the way down. These speeds can be adjusted through PILOT_SPEED_UP or _DOWN. You probably don’t need to mess with those defaults.

In Alt-hold, once the quad has learned its hover throttle position, mid throttle should make it hover. Moving the throttle up is just commanding the flight controller to climb at a rate that is proportionate to how far you’ve moved the stick away from centre. It’s not really a throttle at that point, but an upy/downy stick.

In stabilized mode however it is a throttle and the quad will rocket, or dive, based on your inputs.

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This is what I needed to parse put. Thanks a lot. AltHold is what I need, not stabilize.

I always do the first flight in stabilized mode just to make sure things are working and then I introduce alt hold (and eventually loiter) in subsequent flights. Each mode adds more sensors and work load to the FC. By doing the first flight in stabilized I can be sure the mechanicals are working, check the vibes, and motor balance, etc. Then start working on alt-hold and the tuning. Once it’s flying I don’t use stabilized too much, but it’s always on my controller “just in case”.

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