Flight mode change causes flyaway like behavior


Found out that flight mode change can upset position controller badly if there is large velocity difference on target and current velocities.

Firmware version: ArduCopter 3.6.9 ChibiOS

What’s untypical on parameters:
Maximum flight speed on loiter is 12m/s where as maximum default speed on waypoint navigation is 2m/s.

What happened:
The drone was flown about 9m/s on LOITER flight mode when AUTO flight mode was activated. The drone flied 90 degrees off from correct direction, while slowing down to 2m/s.

Log file

Could either of you @rmackay9 or @tridge check this?

Still waiting for help. I really would like to know whats behind of this behavior.

I could try to find the cause, if someone could even show me direction where to look at on the position controller (or somewhere else).

Does anyone know how to proceed from here?
Is more information needed? Is this normal?

hi @VDLJu
could you please send log file ?

@hosein_gh The log is on bottom of the first post.