Flight Controller Recommendation

Hello all,
There are many pixhawk available in the market, I know mostly are chinese, but I wanted to buy one for a school for students, so there are some that have 2.4.8 written on them, some which don’t have any version written, some come with fmuv3 to be flashed some fmuv2, so how to identify while ordering, most websites do not have this mentioned and/or only image of the FC is present.
these RadioLink one’s or holybro’s are they any different, coz they are slighlty costly.
Or are there any other recommendations. I really don’t want to go for arducopter or ardupilot because mostly they have been discontinued and are buggy to use.

I would no longer take the Pixhawks labelled as 2.4.8, regardless of the manufacturer.
Take a look at the Mateksys H743 wlite. They are very popular in the hobby sector and are widely used today. They already have power supplies on board and LUA scripting is no problem. If you don’t want to solder PINs, I would recommend the Kakute H743 wing, which is also available with pre-soldered PINs.



2.4.8 bad, Radiolink bad.

What @Rolf says. Anything with an H7 MCU and 2MB flash that’s supported by Ardupilot. If your budget is really low, you can go for an FC with F405 MCU, but keep in mind that not all current Ardupilot features will work, and at some point new releases won’t support it at all anymore.


What? This makes no sense.

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Hi dave,
I guess at somepoint you only mentioned this, that those arduino mega ones are trash, also, i myself struggles recently flashing one of the arducopters.

Okay, I’ll check them out, but i really don’t wanna be a clown in front of 500 students in the class.
Also, what about a radiolink crossflight?

Still don’t understand but no matter. Go with an H7 based Flight Controller.

That is not supported by Ardupilot.
2nd warning here
Do not buy Radiolink Product

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I’ll put in another vote for the Matek H743-Wlite. I’ve been using them this year with my students and they’ve been working great. And the soldering is great practice for them. :laughing:


Just solder the pin headers before and test its functions.


Bro I my self tested radiolink pixhawk 2.4.8 and it works just fine also it is the most trustable 2.4.8 in India as others might or might not work but only buy this if you are short on budget and your only purpose is to make a school/college project if by any chance you want to get into hobby I would rec you buy a holybro 6x/6c or at similar price orange cube+, Also a tip don’t use cheap golden motors and generic esc as they are close to :wastebasket: you can use emax motors they are not very expensive and works fine but always remember to buy any components from a trustable reseller only (robu.in is a good one)