Flight Controller Board and companion computer

Hello, I am planning to use a Flight controller - kakute holybro AIO F7 with Raspberry Pi as a flight computer for implementation of AI and for other computing stuff. Could someone please let me know can I have the combination of kakute holybro F7? I have read it’s possible but I am not very sure about connections and implementation of AI in it. Have anybody tried this combination? anyone can give me some details about the same?

The Kakute F7 has limited flash space and is missing a number of ArduPilot features. Take a look at https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-autopilots.html and try to get one of the 2Mb flash boards.

Using a Raspberry Pi as a companion computer is common - there’s plenty of documentation in the wiki: https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/raspberry-pi-via-mavlink.html

Thanks, which Flight controller board do you suggest ?

If you are looking for the same form factor there is the Mateksys H743-Slim.

Aha how come I missed the matek slim with STM32H743, I started my drone journey in the month of Feb 21 during the time I literally went thru with almost all the FC boards, matek wing STM32H743/65 FC was the only board I came across and I tried to understand every bit of it. However, I did not proceed with it because it was meant to be for the planes. Later i found Kakute F7 a lower version of STM32H7. MATEKSYS-SLIM looks amazing to me.

One more question for the season :slight_smile: - Can I build the heavy drones( say payload of 6-21 Kgs) with the same FC? if not (which I guess) what are the factors I need to consider? Meanwhile, I am doing my R&D on a combination of using Flight computer raspberry pi with MATEKSYS_SLIM. Thank you very much, you have been a treasure of HELP to me. Have a wonderful day.

In theory you could, although I wouldn’t advise it since the Cube has more redundancy features like a triple IMU.

It may be marked for Planes (-Wing) but it’s just a standard Flight Controller and can be used for any Ardupilot vehicle. If you have the space, and it sounds like you do, I would go with the -Wing version. It’s a lot easier to work around. I have the -Mini version of this board which is great but everything is very small and tight.

I have not yet build the drone; however what i see is that there is provision for only two motors on mateksys H743/ H7645 wing.

I am not sure how this boards could be used for the quad and hexa; nevertheless I am happy with mateksys H743 slim and its good.

ok thanks, i need to give a check on it later

It can. It can be used for a quad a Hexa, a X8. A Plane, a Rover, a Sub… It has 13 outputs that can be configured for any purpose. There are members here that are using them on Multi-Rotors.

BTW-There is only 1 Ardupilot firmware target for the H743 Wing, Slim and Mini. That should tell you something…

That’s interesting give me some time please, probably hands on i might get some detailed preview.
Thanks for the info.