Flight and Post-Flight Analysis Graph not displaying

Hello All.

I have done the pre-flight setup, did a test flight, and downloaded the bin file. Problem I have is when I follow the directions, “Open Mission Planner, under SETUP/ADVANCED, press the FFT button, press “IMU Batch Sample” and select the .bin log file downloaded” , but no graphs are ever displayed. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I do not know how to proceed without doing this step.

Thank you.

did you set up batch logging? Please post the file so we can take a look. You can also open the bin file in mission planner and look for the messages on the right. You should see ISBD and ISBH. these are the messages that are used in the FFT routine when you choose IMU batch sample.

@bnsgeyer , I thought I did everything needed, but must not have if it doesn’t work. Flight log is large as I actually went out and flew around instead of just hovering in my yard.

By messages on the right, do you mean the list of parameters? If so, I do not see ISBD or ISBH.

Thank you for your help.

Yes. I meant the list of available signals to plot as shown in this picture of your log in Mission Planner

You can see that there is not an ISBD or ISBH message in the list to the right. This is odd since it looks like you set all of the INS_LOG parameters.

Did you reboot the flight controller after setting those parameters? It may require a reboot but I’m not sure.

if that still doesn’t work. then you can try the IMU RAW logging option and use the filter tool to look at the noise and then use the filter tool to see how the different filters can attenuate the noise. They talk about that here

@bnsgeyer , I did reset because I do all my setup on the bench, then unplug everything and go outside to test. So everything does get rebooted in that way.

I just read the page you linked to and it seems that is the method I’ll have to take, and then use the Web tools.

Thanks for looking into this for me.