Flebatron maiden done

Flebatron maiden was successful from the beginning:

Enjoy some fotos of our maiden flight last weekend. The plane is a blended wing body design, bird inspirated with some features that couldn’d be calculated in advance and came up as an idea from our “2 men team”.
The wing has 2,6m weight 1485gr and has an glide ratio of 22,2. It was calculated by 500hr in FLZ Vortex and XFLR 5, a new wingtip profile was developed with the help of Peter Wick to handle all requirements. 1000hr of CAD work and another 500 to build the first proto incl all molds and masters. The design is Hybrid, complete wood, but the nose is covered in fibre glas and glued to the wood in the molds. The vertical fin is a stand alone honeycomb sandwich solution in fibre, with one of the last cfk 40gr biaxial that came out of Ukraine. This material is more than rare now!
Astonishing how all parts fit together, due the 2 parallel manufatering proccesses. The master parts for the molds are ftm printed, thanks to my friend Gero, the holm straps are a wave form and selfmade in resin printed molds, more work one might wanna give to a single plane, but the performence in the end gives a result that is so outstanding that I have to share it here.

Enthusiast can download plans, 3d data all fotos and drawings from outerzone soon.

Further steps during flight testing are CG perfection, flapmanagement of all flaps in various flight modes and in the very far end to fly dynamic on virtual rails, defined by the first manual steering routes and optimized to perfection by Ardupilot scripting an sensor measurings during fllight. More should be possible.

Happy Guys after maiden, Rolf and me.

cheers Matzito


Hi Matthias,
The design of the plane is incredible, it’ll be very interesting to test it for slope flights and make a comparaison with F3F planes. And what about adding an electric motor to have a powered glider ?
We are actually sharing on “Albatross-like way of flying” with Rolf here : Orientate the plane in a desired direction before a flight (Python script - Soaring project) - #14 by goaround