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Flashing green light

I’m new to drone building. i’m using the NAVIO2 and Raspberry pi4. i’ve followed every steps, but I keep getting a flashing green light. which, when I look it up, it says something about my GPS. I’ve calibrated my compass and i’m still getting the flashing green light.

can anyone please help me.

Thanks for the link. I had already looked it up. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do next, as I’ve done everything I can think of.

The Flashing green say “GPS is fine, you can fly…”, so do it…

Lol…alright. so, I guess I have other problems, because when I push the throttle, nothing happens.

Thanks for the advice

Have you read the docs carefully?

thank you again, but yes I did read the document. now i’m getting a new error message.

I’m trying to arm my drone, but I keep getting a message saying mode not armable. my flight mode are as follow:

Flight mode 1: Stabilize

Flight mode 2: Loiter

Flight mode 3: Loiter

Flight mode 4: Loiter

Flight mode 5: Loiter

Flight mode 6: RTL

I have already bind my remote control to the drone. when I do my throttle up to the right, it tells me that compass calibration is running. but, if I do it to the bottom right, it wont arm the drone.

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