Flash PixHawk firmware from front USB port (J302 connector)

on our UAV the pixhawk is mounted in a way that the USB port for flashing the firmware is not accessible without unmounting the board every time.
In order to avoid to unmount the board every time I need to flash the firmware, I was thinking to use the front usb port (connector J302).

Looking at the schematics (PX4FMUv2.4.5-3.pdf, page 3) it seems to be possible, but since hardware is not my realm I would prefer to ask before.

Is that possible? Are the USB conncectors J301 and J302 the same USB port?

What concerns me is that the J302 connector is labeled with DF13C-4P-1.25V. I don’t understand why it says 1.25 V, since the USB port nominal voltage is 5V.

Thank you.

The front panel port and the micro-USB on the side are equivalent, and you can flash firmware through either. To use the front panel connector, you’ll need an adapter like this (search Google/eBay for “pixhawk external USB”).

The connector is labeled 1.25V because it’s a 1.25mm pitch DF13 connector (DF13C-4P-1.25V is the part number). It has nothing to do with the voltage.

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Many thanks!
I will try it.