Flaperon auto landing?

I’ve got flaperons on my aircraft and i want to use them as flaps during autolandings. They work fine on ch5 and 6 with the right slider on my Futaba 14SG. The wiki says if i want to use them in auto settings, i.e. auto landing, i need to set the flap input channel to 3. My flap channel for the flaperon setup is 5 but it set to 24 for right flaperon. When i switch it to 3 the right flaperon no longer works with the slider on my 14SG.
Is there a way to use flaperons with autolandings? Thanks

Set FLAP_IN_CHANNEL to whatever channel you want to control the amount of flaps. Do not do any mixing on the radio; let ardupilot do that.

Then set your servo_functions to 24 or 25 (and potentially servo_reversals) depending on how your aircraft responds in FBWA/Manual mode and when you command flaps via your transmitter.

Also consider reading/asking questions in this related thread: Landing Flaps Parameter Questions

Good luck!

Is it possible to set flaperon auto?