Fix GPS baudrate

I’m trying to add a RTK GPS to the rpi4 with navio2 shield. I fixed in the parameters the correct speed of the serial ports of both RTK GPS and Navio2 GPS but the logs indicate a discovery of the different port speed.
In the GPS prameters, I don’t see any parameters to disable this automatic discovery.

How can it be fixed ?

change GPS_TYPE for your GPS

It’s already correctly set to NMEA for the RTK and ublox for the navio2 gps

Can I know your GPS module?
As far as I know, with ublox, AP will automatically detect the baudrate of which serial port the module connected to (SERIALX_PROTOCOL must be chosen as GPS). If the baudrate varied, perhaps, GPS module was not connected correctly.

I’m using the emlid M+ and the gps of the navio2 (ublox).
I’m using their utilities spi-to-pty to get an os input and then give to AP for the navio2 gps.
The M+ is directly on USB as /dev/ttyACM0 with a usb cable, I would prefer to stick with it and not use another port of M+.