First timer using adrupilot - Collective Pitch UAV (drone flight controller)

I am not sure if this is the right forum spot or not, but I am looking for a flight controller for a Stingray 500 (or WL380 CP 500 drone). I want to rebuild the the UAV to better support the flight controller so to do this, I need to replace and rebuild the drone from the ground up. I am very well versed in collective pitch, I have been flying helis for 20+ years but the difference here is the 4th servo control (or the tail on a CP heli). I cannot control this with my current radio (flysky i10). I found the ArduPilot open source codes so I figured here was a great place to start. What I need from this question is to know what flight board I should buy that is best suited for a CP (4 blade) UAV (drone)? I want to fully replace the on-board flight controller and replace it with a new, open source one that I can modify (codeā€™ing). Basically I just need recommendations on what flightboard to buy for this to work so I can load the code and get started?

Again I am new to this forum so if this question has been asked and answered elsewhere, just point me to the direction, I couldnt find it.

This can be ignored, I found PIXHAWK PX4, and have it all set and working with the QuadCopter setup (with help from the awesome community!):

  • [FRAME_CLASS] 13 (HeliQuad)

MODS I dont have permission to delete this post but you can delete it if you want to. I dont need this left opened nor commented on. If others are looking for similar assistance just use the link I posted and PM me.