First time setup and motors are spinning upon arming, is that normal?

I have installed Arducopter on a diatone mamba FC, went to flight test it for the first time. I had the props off, went through the pre-flight checklist, everything was good so I armed it and the motors started spinning.

Is that normal for the motors to spin without throttle input on arming? I am wary to put the props on if I have it configured it wrong. If it is not normal is there a parameter i need to set or rc input i need to calibrate. I did the RC calibration as part of the pre-flight?

There is MOT_SPIN_ARM and MOT_SPIN_MIN which you should use MissionPlanner motor test to set.
MOT_SPIN_ARM should be the lowest possible value (like 0.09 for example) where the motors will reliably start up.
MOT_SPIN_MIN is usually MOT_SPIN_ARM plus a bit, like 0.12

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