First time Connecting to Solo

I’m sure this has been answered a million times so if someone would point me in the right direction i would be very thankful. I have a Solo from 3DR and it’s all factory. I"m wanting to upgrade my GPS to one from Jester’s Drones and i saw in the tutorial that you have to reset your GPS using Mission Planner. I downloaded Mission Planner, I have my controller and Drone on and i’m connected to the Solo’s network. I have it set to UDP and all the ports i left the same. It keeps getting hung up on Mav link and won’t connect. Is there something else i have to do? Do i have to connect directly to my board or is Wifi okay? Do i have to go thru the connection wizard? Upgrade firmware? Thank you guys for helping a newbie out.

you’d probably be better off in the 3drpilot’s Solo discussion forum. Alot more talk about it there. Not saying there isn’t any here but the other forum is more active for Solo.

Thanks. Yeah I’m a member there too. I’ll check out the topic there.

Check out the first full paragraph here,

It’s been a while but I think I had to tell my firewall not to panic.

This is an old thread but the solution is simple. The latop must be connected to the Solo controller wifi first.
The controller must connect with the Solo. Then start Mission Planner. Mission Planner will detect the video stream and just cancel that dialog box. Then connect with udp port 14550. If you start Mission Planner first it will spin it’s wheels trying to connect. It may connect after minutes but will always connect right away starting Mission Planner last.