first rover build

I’m bulding a rover project with a pixhawk.
When i’m configuring the motor and steering in ardupilot it go’s wrong,.
On the screen mandatory harware=> radio callibration, the signals of roll and throttle com in and give a reaction on the reading bar, so the signals come in to the right connections,…
But when i configure the servo outputs and set position 1 to ground steering and position 3 to throttle, there is no reaction of servo and motor, when i set is to RCIN 1 and RCIN 3 the motor and servo are activated, and working as expected…(so the conections of the motor and servo seems ok)
I think the rover does not want to drive autonomously because of this, the references to throttle and steering are not right

Does anyone have an idea what i’m doing wrong?
Many Thanks

Please read through


The rover needs to be armed to drive. Arming might be prevented by prearm checks. There might also be a safety button function enabled.
The connected GCS (preferably Missionplanner) should display the status of the rover (disarmed, prearm failed, safety enabled, etc.)
Information to all this can be found in the wiki/docs.

Thx,hello, thanks for the feedback, I’ve already gone through this wiki extensively and made many adjustments, but unfortunately I’m stuck with it.
The horizon screen also continues to give unhealthy AHRS.
Also I can not turn the controls, reverse does not help to switch the front and back, … strange
first build is difficult to debug,…

AHRS error is normal when testing indoors. It should clear as soon as the rover is outside and has a solid GPS fix. I did not understand the part around “front and back”.

First a clarification of the project, which is an existing rc car dc motor for the drive and a servo for the control.
I use a pixhawk with extra gps / compass, radio telemetry and a ppm encoder, a graupner transmitter / receiver depends on this ppm.
I have made the settings as specified in the wiki.
Now when I go to setup => mandatory hardware => radio calibration in ardupilot, I see the control bars change when I operate Throttle and roll.
With setup => mandatory hardware => servo output I set groundsteering at 1 and Throttle at 3 as specified, when I operate my transmitter there is no response to the car.
If I put at setup => mandatory hardware => servo output 1 on RCIN1 then I get control and at 3 on RCIN3 I can accelerate!
This is a reference to the physical connection to the pixhawk, but because of this the pixhawk itself does not seem to make the link to throttle and steering.
As a result, the pixhawk cannot control its motor or take over control, I think …

In Config => Full Parameter Tree => RCmap RCMAP_Roll is set to 1 and RCMAP_THROTTLE to 3 so those references seem to be correct too.

I’ve read the wiki pages back and forth but can’t find the problem

There are safety meassures active to avoid accidents. You need to arm the rover, arming may be prevented by different prearm checks. The prearm checks can be disabled for bench testing.
There is also a safety button active by default.
This is all documented in the wiki/docs.
If your Graupner TX/RX is somewhat recent, you should not need a PPM encoder. GR-12, GR-16 etc. 2.4GHz receivers can output PPM (SUM0), digital serial (SUMD) and other signal formats.