First Phantom FX 61 VTOL

As soon as A. Tridge shows cuadplane I love the new function for my flying wing to get out of the box :smiley: .
It´s my first flyingwing and my first VTOL build so, If this thing can fly, only Tridge and team miracle :open_mouth: .
I had:
A Phantom FX61
Main motor: OS 3820 1200kv
Quad motors Turnigy 2836 950kv
GPS: M8N with compass
Receiver: Dragon Link 433
OSD: Minim
FPV camera
video TX Lawmate 1.2
FC: HKPilot ( recently arrived for this proyect)
Batteries: some 5200 3s from the quadricopters to use the same.
With all this stuff I intend to build something like this:

First step was to visit Aerodyca friends to help me reinforce quad area, thank´s Andres.
Measure were to make holes to fix the arms.

two little wood pieces have the bolts to fix the quad arms.

Then the CF cloth, two layers.

Mount quad motors as @GregCovery idea.

Any suggestions are going to be welcome :slight_smile:
…to be continued


Nice build. Can’t wait to see some videos of it flying.

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Servos installed

Reinforce ailerons hinges painting them with UhU por and hinges tape like @hugues techniques

reinforcing wings with thiny CF rods, (I read that fx61 wings tends to flute sometimes) I cut the wing and fix inside.

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This is a great build! I’m particularly interested in the mechanical solution you have to attach the multicopter square CF beams to the plane. Can you share more picture of that ?


Looking forward to this result !

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Hello Hugues, sorry the delay answer I was out.
First I dremel two spaces to fit a little piece of wood

then I fit wood bolts like photo downside the wood pieces

Glue the wood inside the spaces with provided glue.

Laminate with CF cloth and open the bolt holes.
the CF beams are going to be attached with two 4mm bolts ( perhaps 3mm is enought) so they are going to be detachable for transport.

Between arms and wing is going to be a wood spacer not to disturb ailerons; this plane has the ailerons side to side, that´s a problem to cuadplane transform.
My builds are little slower than yours, LoL.

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@cala2, I have not seen many people doing CF lamination. What is your experience with that? Is it hard to do? Time consuming? Does it provide a significant benefit?

Is my first experience, not hard to do, only paint the foam with resin, put the cf cloth over it and a plastic upside then sparce uniform the resin with an old credit card, wait 24 hs and remove the plastic, is the same technique than the glass fiber cloth.
Benefit: I hope that reinforce the quadcopter arms area and give more rigid to the quad too.

love this assembly technique. Nice.
you will probably have to be careful when you bolt the rectangular CF tubes to not put too much pressure. It could fracture the CF rectangular tube as it is locally weakened by the screw holes drilled through it. Use at least a spacer to spread the pressure on a bigger surface.
Keep us posted with more picture as the build progresses.

Thank´s for your recommendation Hugues, I was in doubt to reinforce the tube inside with a little lightweight wood, I´m going to try to do it with your advice and use a washer.

I have to decide which esc use here; I need something special like flashed with Bheli, programmable to brakestop the motors etc. or any esc that have enought Amp and can fly a Quad is usefull? Thank´s

I hope I need Brake on, programmable esc but I can´t find the info.,quad motors suppose to stop during standard fly.

Some more little advances
I reinforce tubes inside as @Hugues advertice with little pieces of wood, I drilled a little bigger hole not to fail, then sand the wood until fits inside the tube (lot of work :open_mouth: ), glue it a little and push with a smaller cf tube until the hole appears in it´s place

Then any antenna that I have in stock looks adecuate and I couldn´t find a 90degree adapter so I have to build my first antenna…if work or not is two cents appart.
First solder the two pieces

It´s little larger so, when I find who calibrate it, I can do it.
Then invent a balun (don´t do it at home) and protect solder with hot glue

Cover with heat shink tube and finished product

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nice wood reinforcement,even better than using washers

Dear Cala
Thank you for your sharing on this project.
When I see this work in your blog, we decide to follow your VTOL project on FX61, which I have already with a Pixhawk. And also I urged to students to follow your project. Would you give me the spec of the carbon rectangular tube (length, wide and height in cm). We only find here 10m(W)X10m(H)X100cm(length), 1mm thickness.
We wish you successful building and flight.
Thanks a lot


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It’s a 1.5 cm*1.5 cm from Hobby king 800 mm length.
Thank´s, glad to know that you like it.

Probably I´m going to short them until the rear prop works at the aileron border not to disturb prop air

Thanks a lot
We are going to order the CF tube. And we will follow you, and report our building too.
Very helpful

Nice, more minds have better ideas than one :smiley: ; wait your photos.

Hole afternoon trying to learn about flying wing configuration and a silly Dragon Rx that have different PPM channel than others that I have but at the end is working :cold_sweat:
I don’t know how to upload videos in this forum, I’m going to investigate and share it.