First Hover problem; Weird spinning behaviour

Hello everyone,

I’ve been meaning to build a drone for a school project, but I have yet to have a proper hover with my Pixhawk. I’m using Qgroundcontrol version 3.4.4 and I have Ardupilot version 3.6.4 installed on my Pixhawk.

The issue I’m having is that my Pixhawk seems to spin counterclockwise instantly on takeoff, and I have no idea why that is happening. I’ve tried reinstalling the Arducopter firmware on the Pixhawk, recalibrating my ESC’s, checking all connections of my Pixhawk. Some people mentioned that it probably is a problem with my physical setup, but I don’t think that is the case. My motor setup is the following (with the Pixhawk arrow facing away from me):

  • top right, CCW, port nr 1 on PixHawk.
  • bottom left, CCW, port nr 2 on Pixhawk.
  • top left, CW, port nr 3 on Pixhawk.
  • bottom right, CW, port nr 4 on Pixhawk.

The props are self fastening and can only go on the right way, so that also shouldn’t be the issue. I haven’t retuned any of the PID’s, because I thought that a first hover wouldn’t need a complete retune of the PID’s.

I’ve included a link to a Google drive, pictures of the complete reassembly of my quad, a video showcasing the behaviour of my quad and all my .bin files that I accumulated from test flights with log_17_2019-1-12-15-09-14 being the one you see on video.

the link:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could solve this issue? Any help is much appreciated!

kind regards,


looking at the vid you have all all the CW and CCW props mixed up. Coinsidentraly this is a H type config, so rarther than changing all your props round you can change FRAME_TYPE to 3.

Thank you so much, you were absolutely right! The quad doesn’t spin anymore, but it still seems to drift to the side. How would I start fixing this? Should I use the trim on my remote?

thank you again!

Great!, defiantly don’t use your RC trims, this confuses the flight controller. I wouldn’t worry too much about a slight drift at this stage, it could just be your level calibration is slightly off. Follow the instructions here and get the copter tuned up.