First flight of ArduPilot on TauLabs Sparky2!

Congratulations to @ukmook (aka Malcolmn Churn) who has just completed the port of ArduPilot to the TauLabs Sparky2 board using ChibiOS!

There is quite an active and talented team working on ports for new boards in our ChibiOS gitter channel so if you want to get involved, you will be welcomed with open arms!


Those days, I may be missing for ChibiOS implementation. Please help me to clarify my unawareness. What is the difference for the performance as flight controller to compare with native Pixhawks ? Pros and Cons, or just same performance by different board design.


The big advantages of ChibiOS are:

  • smaller firmware (allows us to squeeze more features onto the existing boards and also support boards with lower flash size than we could)
  • lower CPU load partially because of serial DMA support
  • better timing (our main loop completes within the expected time much more often)
  • more popular with developers

Thank you for the replay. It looks interesting and nothing to hold back to use. I will give a try:slight_smile:

Follow up video from Malcolm Churn.

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I am sorry to type here, but saw this thread and lately found some of these Sparky 2.0 and would like to test some of the ardupilot codes, but it seems i am unable to locate info by google. would it be too much to ask for a link that will point me to the right direction?


NP, here are some links:


Thank you for the reply and my apologies for the delay but i had been busy with some builds here.
I checked them all out but seems my sparkys dont go to proper DFU and this has mostly to do with the drivers.
No matter what i do, so it seems a format is comming.

Once again thank you for the reply and all the support you give the community.