First flight gone wrong

Hi. I wanted to test my configuration for octocopter 15.55 props 1270mm frame with a drill on the bottom but it did 180 degree flip. Props and motors were connected correctly. ( Sry for the light, or rather the lack of it… )

film: 5

logs ( log36.bin )
logs - Google Drive 1

If this is a first flight you should be taking off first in stabilized mode. The drone needs to be tuned before you can try to fly in loiter.

The motors are also going to near max so the drone is either too heavy, or there is something wrong with the props/motors. Have you done the motor test to make sure everything is going in the correct order?

To @Allister point, how did you determine that? Wrong motor order is almost always the cause of this. Or as he also suggests a grossly overloaded/underpowered craft.

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