First flight crashed

My first ever quad was on its first ever test flight this morning. Stabilized mode was on. I pushed the throttle and it went up nicely but I could not made it a hover even though I released all my sticks. The vehicle had a tendency to move up. After a minute or so, it bounced on ground and hit a nearby tree and a fencing, as a result my gps stick broken. I don’t know how to read flight log data. If any one who knows and like to come forward to help me with my flight log and analyse the same and advice me accordingly. Thanks in advance.

Link of my binary file:

Hey! @anindyanuri
That’s how stabilize flight mode works. The throttle stick is directly linked to output. That is it outputs same as any RC aircraft. Try flying in altitude hold mode if you want to release stick and want it to hold altitude.
Looking at the log, you have lot of vibration and vibration compensation was on. EKF isn’t happy either.

@Mallikarjun_SE, thank you for your fast response. Come to know from your post that my quad faced high vibration. May you please tell me, the vibration that caused during hitting on ground and a fencing was evidenced in the flight log or the vehicle itself was under continuous vibration that caused the crash? Also, I don’t understand what is EKF, may you tell me, what to do to so that in future my EKF stays happy. I am a damn new to this hobby, so please forgive my ignorance.

A lot of thanks to you for your kind attention to my post.

Looks like there was vibration through the flight with clipping.

To know more on EKF, Please go through the link below.
Post pictures & info of your setup and someone can give you suggestions on reducing vibration.