First drone for programming

Hey all,
Im a graduated engineer that want to get ‘hands on’ practice in drone programming.
I have 2 goals:

  1. Improvement my basic programming skills (c++)
  2. Experience with Guidance and Navigation algorithms and deal with ‘real world’ issues (in contrast to academic issues).

What is the basic frame do you recommended to start with? (my OS is Windows)
In the beginning guide there where ready-to-fly platform, but i think i need something like QAV250…

It depends on your experience and development goals. for starting and fiddling around the Pixhawk reference frame like HEXSOON EDU450 would be a nice choice or even good old DJIF450 kit simple and nimble and let you focus on the programming. However, you will realize that flight time and payload will be a limiting factor. So if your development goals include playing with different payloads/sensors or companions computers…etc then I would prefer a larger HEX like tarot X6 for example with a good balance between endurance and payload capacity.

Also, in my humble opinion which could very wrong! I think mastering simulation skills and STIL stuff is an essential development skill that must be in your arsenal.

I’m sure the Ardupilot gurus will have more to add…

have fun!

I saw a list of optional hardware, what is the recommended one?

We are finishing the development of ArduBee:

It’s in the micro uav size class, it can operate indoor and outdoor, it’s fully Ardupilot supported, modularity it’s one of its main elements with several add-on boards and all the useful pins are exposed for complete customization.
We develop it for ‘real world’ application, to be able to test simulation in real scenarios with the real tools, in our case swarm application in urban space.

Is it ready for use at this moment? And is it a good drone to beginning with?

Nice work and congratulation on the project!

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