Hello, I would like to pay attention to the accident that happened to my quadricopter:
Tarot 650 sport card pixhawk 2.4.8 (first flight after upgrade to copter version 3.6.10 OFFICIAL) with 620 Kv engines 1250 propellers, four-cell battery 6000 mA radio taranis x9D. After a regular flight of 2 minutes at 20 meters from the ground in GPS mode the drone began to rotate losing altitude until it fell.
From an initial reading of the logs it would emerge, in the last seconds of flight, an anomalous and intermittent operation of the Q1 and Q4 engines, I state that I am not an expert in reading the logs and in this regard I rely on your advice and your competence.
The engines and propellers are not damaged and the tests carried out after the event were efficient and perfectly functional.
I don’t understand what the accident may have been. The machine, with this configuration, has been tested for several months, totaling 30 hours of flight, without showing any problems.
Not finding mechanical causes yet, I was wondering and wondering if the inconvenience should not be sought on the software part, perhaps, given the coincidence with the new version 3.6.10, to a malfunctioning update or to an incorrect installation of my same.
I trust in your collaboration in seeking the causes of what happened because beyond the damage done to the machine I am primarily interested in understanding the causes that led to the event.
I look forward to your suggestions and I attach a first photo of the last seconds of the flight.
Thank you all

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As usual, if anyone is willing to help, without logs is extremely hard, so I suggest you upload your logs to and then share here the link

At times when upgrading firmware it a good call to delete your old config and start new.

Any chance your motor mount was not tight? I have had a bad crash due to the entire motor rotating on the arm, just a little. This created uncontrollable yaw and a bad crash. Pure mechanical failure.
Without a log file we just wont know.