Firmware for Holybro Kakute F4 V2

Hello all,

New in this forum so thanks to everybody for support it.

After a little work with a F450 PixHawk copter with acceptable success, trying to fly with chibios firmware on a Holybro Kakute F4 V2.

Supported hardware talks about V1 version, but there are some threads here about V2.

Following instructions for installation with previous upload through Betaflight I can’t complete it. Connecting in DFU mode, firmware erased and uploading fails. The Betaflight version goes fine and all is working there, so no hardware issues.

Surely a novice error on my part so, please, someone can bring some light to me.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve got a KakuteF4 V2 and am able to load the APM firmware.


Have you used Zadig to correct the drivers for the Kakute in DFU mode?
Are you using the “*with_bl.hex” firmware files?

Thanks a lot Stephen,

I’d read the link you mention, but (unfortunately?) using Linux and the “bl” firmware version (and Mission Planner on windows). Betaflight works fine with some other copter I have, so I suposse these firmware is not windows dependable. Isn’t it?

A question maybe out of this forum but, is there some configuration needed in Betaflight for a correct firmware upload?

I flashed it with the “No Reboot Sequence” and “Full chip erase” options enabled.