Firmware for generic devices (custom boards)


I want to build my own board, but in the docs I don’t see any list of microcontrollers, only a list of board.

Is there a firmware for generic devices? what microcontrollers supports arducopter? Is there a list of components (GPS, battery, gyroscope…)?

We support STM32 F4, F7 and H7 families with at least 2Mb

The list of supported gps can be found under:

The list of battery under:

The list of Gyro under:


Do you have another limitation (CPU, RAM, etc)?
why you only support STM32 family?
If you only support STM, that mean, there is a circuit schematic for your firmware?

This kind of info should be there in the docs, for people who wants use custom boards (.h and .cpp files is not very intuitive).

A real good search could help you…
and we also support linux (rPI, BeagleBone, Xilinx FPGAs, x86) :slight_smile:
You do not need to read nor edit .cpp files. You just need to write a .dat file like described in the documentation above.

I was referring to the sensor list, because I would never have thought that the sensors would be in the library. If you have a link to the docs that talk about sensors, I’d be grateful if you provide them to me.

Yes, I already know that, I don’t have a STM, also never used one before (it might take 1-2 months to get to my country). I was hoping for more microcontrollers that would be easy to get here, this is why I was asking for more hardware limitations, for know what boards I need to buy for testing (meanwhile, I’m waiting for the STM)

Sorry if I didn’t write it well, my English is bad. But I was referring to sensor list, I would never have thought that the sensors would be in the library.
But thanks for the link, I already assumed that there would be a file that includes all the pins, addresses, etc, you saved me time.

I was thinking of using an ESP32, but I only find info for how to use as external module or antenna. I don’t have many options.

There is some experimental work being done to port to ESP32 - see the ArduPilot Discord chat (