Firmware for Flywoo F745 Pro

I am looking for firmware for flight controller - Flywoo F745 Pro.
Please guide.

Have you seen this wiki page?

I derped and somehow downloaded the F745 nano target. The regular F745 target works!

Also FYI for anyone using this, I discovered that powering my ELRS Happymodel EP1 on 4v5 seems to cause USB to not detect the FC in DFU mode.

I have to unpower the ELRS or put it on the 5V pad which isn’t powered by USB.

And set the AHRS_ORIENTATION = 4

The board works fine for me with FlywooF745 target, aside AHRS_ORIENTATION = 4 I also had to set RC2_REVERSE = 1 since my pitch control was reversed.
In long term it would be better to add another target and override IMU rotation to ROTATION_NONE here

I have also faced very weird issue with the board: I have successfully managed to flash it with ArduCopter image and only after that I’ve discovered that I have 512kb version with STM32F745VEH6 microcontroller which isn’t supposed to work because of insufficient flash size.
Then I managed to flash it again with INAV configurator and everything has succeeded again, the application managed to verify flashed image and has told that there is 1Mb of flash memory.
The board works fine with the flashed image.