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Finally Spilling the Beans on RTK GNSS

(Jake Berlocher) #41

I’m curious if any multi-band RTK users here have ever experienced interference on the L2 bands? We’ve tried both Septentrio and SwiftNav Multi with no success. L1 is a protected band (ARNS) while L2 is not. I’ve read that ground based radars can cause interference on L2. Despite being somewhat sensitive to losing FIX, the single band L1 systems we’ve tested work with no issues.

(WickedShell) #42

@JakeB L2C or L2P(Y)? (With codeless tracking of L2 P(Y) a small hit in L1 noise is a large hit on L2 P(Y)). I haven’t had any problems with L2 performance with Septentrio based equipment.

(Jake Berlocher) #43

We’re definitely not using Y. We’re getting interference for both GPS and GLONASS in the L2 band.

After not being able to get our equipment working, the vendor sent us a field engineer to help. They did a study and issued us a report stating we were receiving wide band interference, most likely from a nearby radio location service (radar). Specifically, there are very large drops in gain every 7 seconds in L2. There’s a government allocated radio location band from 1215 to 2000 mhz. This radio location allocation is used in a lot of places around the world so I’m sure not the only one to have experienced this problem before.