VTOL bench testing

I am wondering what would be the best way to test a VTOL setup on the test bench?

Off course we have not gained any height etc on the bench when armed. How can we make the FC to think its in flight.

Do not want use any simulators.

Any suggestions?


This is a difficult question to answer. I would start by reading the Quadplane Support section of the WiKi, moving out to the Plane Home sections, if needed. Henry has done a wonderful job in expanding the Quadplane section. Be sure to read the Quadplane Tips section at the end.

I always start with testing the copter portion of the Quadplane. This can be tested much like an APM copter setup, including your initial hovers. Most of the UAV can be tested in a modular or functional way, including the peripheral hardware. For example, the Receiver, Telemetry, GPS, Compass, AS Sensor, etc., can all be tested individually to complete the bench testing.

Good luck!

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I am trying to apply a traditional engineering approach to pre determine any issues upfront such as config settings, parameters mishaps, FC behavior etc.

I can fool the FC using Fake GPS signals using An external device. Same for air speed sensor etc.

Although the firmware gets bugs fixed time to time, but I am trying to establish a bench process to test certain key factors and safety features prior to jumping from one load to the other.

I will read the wikis you have suggested and let you know what solution I came up with.