Fence Breach ignores Fence Return Point always returns to Launch or Rally location

The vehicle always returns to a rally point or “home” / launch on Geofence breach. It doesn’t matter if FENCE_RET_RALLY is set to 0 and if there is a Fence Breach/Return point set up it will be ignored and the vehicle will always return to the rally point or launch location.

Run in SITL on code rebased from master 2022 July 8th.

During this flight I breached the fence with FENCE_RET_RALLY = 0 - it flew home (despite there being a breach point set for the fence). I realized it might have gone home instead of the rally point because I was simulating rather long distances. I also tried setting FENCE_RET_RALLY = 1 and it also had the same behavior.
Here is my log: Dropbox - 00000199.BIN - Simplify your life

Do during this shorter mission, I breached several times and no matter what it always returned to the rally point, not to the breach point. During this mission FENCE_RET_RALLY was set to “Fence Return Point” = 0 for the whole mission and I didn’t change it.
Here is the log for this second flight Dropbox - 00000200.BIN - Simplify your life