Features for Loiter Turns

I’m in the process of creating a functionality using cmd MAV_CMD_NAV_LOITER_TURNS for copter.
I would like implement 3 features, but I cannot get them working.

  1. First one, during the execution of this command, I wanted yaw to keep moving in the direction of the flight. Did not work, yaw is always directed towards the center of loiter wp.

Mission Param #4 | Forward moving aircraft this sets exit xtrack location: 0 for center of loiter wp, 1 for exit location. Else, this is desired yaw angle |

  1. Second functionality, I would like to be able to define degrees of the loiter. For example when i set param1 (turns) 0.5f ( 180°) should fly only half of the circle. If param1 should be integer, can we use param2 to define incomplete circles (For example 180 for half of the circle) ?

  2. Param3 for radius doesn’t work correctly for negative values (As far as I understand for -10 should be radius 10m but in counter clockwise direction).

Mission Param #3 | Radius around waypoint, in meters. If positive loiter clockwise, else counter-clockwise |

Are you planning to implement the described issue into the Arducopter code in close future? If not, would there be a possibility for the modification in main code if I would implement those features in a pull request?

yes, we accept pull requests: http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/contributing.html