Feature request : extra NTF_BUZZ_ENABLE setting

Please advise if this is posted in the wrong place.
I’ve added this under Copter 3.6 since it’s currently in RC and may stand a chance of changes getting in. This could possibly apply to Plane and other branches rather than just copter I suppose.

I’m requesting an extra setting for the parameter NTF_BUZZ_ENABLE
Currently there is just enable or disable (1 or 0)

Could we add a “disarmed only” or “not inflight” (value 2) setting ?

  • This would have the effect of only allowing buzzer activity while the FC is disarmed or landed.
  • The buzzer would remain inactive/silent while the FC is armed/flying.


  • Small FC’s like the Pixfalcon have the buzzer built in, during flight the buzzer can produce altitude jumps (and maybe other effects) when it beeps for things like flight mode changes.
  • The buzzer is impossible to hear during flight, so it may as well be inactive
  • The buzzer is useful for audible status updates while the FC is disarmed/landed

Let me know what you think.


It’s probably best to raise this as an enhancement request in the issues list. It’s a reasonable idea so one of the developers might take it on. I think it’s very unlikely to get into 3.6.0 unless a developer jumps on it immediately… that could happen of course, I have no idea though. It has a better chance of getting into a “point” release (i.e. 3.6.1, 3.6.2, etc) but still it depends upon a developer first implementing the request and submitting a PR to have it merged to master.

Thanks very much for the info. I’ll try getting it in the issues list ASAP.

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Any chance of us finding someone that could look at this? I put it in github as a feature request and I still think it’d be extremely useful for all the small FC’s out there with built in buzzers.
I started looking through the code myself but it’s a bit beyond my capabilities at this stage.


We just get so many requests for enhancements that it’s difficult or impossible to address to them all… All I can suggest is trying to find a dev to take an interest in the item. Maybe poke around on facebook. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer…

Hi @xfacta could you plz provide a link to your Github ticket?

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I couldnt work out how to add Lables

I did a fix, but I need to verify it works correctly later today evening.

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Here is the PR

Checked on a Pixracer


Excellent, thanks Sergey