Feature request: differential spoilers & crow brakes

I have a FX-79 with differential spoilers working. I would like to request the ability to activate crow braking with a 3 position swich or a gradual channel. I think that it can be really easy to implement, at this moment differential spoilers works fine for Yaw, the plane kind of crow brakes with only one wing, just need to tweak the code and make the plane to yaw both sides (left and right) at the same time.
Hope any dev reads this and at least call me freak!

Is it allowed to pull up a topic? or shall I just let this request get lost?
I thought this could be an interesting feature…

This is a support forum. Best to make feature requests in github https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/labels/Enhancement
Otherwise, yes they will be lost here.

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My response here applies to this as well: Better mixers for Arduplane, PX4, mavlink etc

Thanks Craig. I will move the conversation to there then.

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Thank you guys!
After testing in the field the “rudder effect” of the differential spoilers is not working as expected (it causes the plane to dive violently to the desired side). I asume that this is why people says that differential spoilers are not working.
Differential spoilers at this moment only aplies mixing for 2 surfaces (if you yaw left, only left elevon and left “flap” are affected) and I suspect that only drag effects are programmed, not any “elevation compensation” is included, and definitely the stabilisation of the board cannot handle the results.
Also I couldn’t find any parameter to calibrate the differential spoiler mixing (other than the mixing itself), so I couldn’t play too much testing.