FC keep reboot when arming (omnibus f4v3)


I have a Omnibus F4 v3, that I use to run with Inav.
Since Arducopter support now Omnibus F4, i’m trying to make it work (later will add a RPI)

Everything is good, i flashed the board with last version, done the ESC calibration, compass, accel, level, radio etc. My radio min goes from 994 to 1970 for throttle and rudder (almost similar)

But when trying to arm, the board reboot. I hear the ESC make their usual noise when booting to say ready.
It does that not matter if i’m also connected with USB or not (always with battery to test).
Battery is fully charge (3S)

I have redone all steps like 3-4 time, even reflash the board several time, always same problem.

note1: i have desactivate all ARM check - 0 - and voltage check disable)
note2: when is use mission planner to test motor, they all work…

Really don’t know what to do if anyone have an idea

Thanks for your help