FC erasing itself on reboot?

Good morning!

I have an FC that is giving me fits. Actually, I have at least 2.

Each time I install the firmware are do the calibrations and motor tests, everything seems all good. Suddenly, when I reconnect (unpredictable as to when it will actually happen) the FC goes back to a quad rotor and dumps all the calibrations and settings.

I noticed the SB that recently came out, and both of these FC’s (to the best of my recollection) were made after the 1st of this year, and are likely effected by the SB.

Does anyone have any input? I am running the latest firm and software.

I appreciate any assistance!

What Flight controller?

What firmware and version?

Where is your flight log? or no flight log?

What SB (link)?

From your discourse we can have some clues, but if the clues are correct, there is a dedicated forum for that FC.


FC: PH2.1 Cube Blue


No flight log on the bench trying to get to the test flight point

Are you sure you’re not manually changing parameter SYSID_SW_MREV to zero? Or loading a parameter file that includes SYSID_SW_MREV set for 0? Rebooting with that parameter set to zero will reset all parameters to default. And that sounds like what is happening here.

I don’t think the SB you’re referencing would have anything to do with this.

Using only the Mission Planner interface. At this point, we have not changed anything other than the Frame Class to 12 and doing the radio calibrations.

Any chance you could send some screenshots of the message tab in mission planner when you boot up the autopilot before and after it resets?

Unfortunally I 'am in the same situation of xFold_Tech.
We have variuos drones in the lab, and we have never had such problems, but now we have one drone that randomly resets all the calibrations and parameters.
This drone had a pixhawk one and fly well for months but recently we add to it a gripper and a sensor. In the last two week it erase it self 4 times with 2 different firmware (arducopter 3.6.10 and 3.6.11).
The drone is a quadcopter with pixhawk 1 as FCU and a Nvidia tx2 on an auvidea j130 board, both powered with a 6s battery.
On the aux1 of the pixhawk we connected a 5v servo for the gripper as suggested in this guide http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-servo.html .
On the UART port serial4/5 we have connected a rangefinder (LightWare sf20/c) http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-lightware-lw20-lidar.html .
The resets happened after some change of the battery.
Because of this reset we can’t have a log file or anything to understand previus events.
Are these issues related to a power supply problem??
What is a different cause for this problem?
thanks for any help

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Unfortunately, Jake, I don’t have that handy. I seem to have resolved it with yet another reset and install of the latest firmware update.


After repeated resets (to airplane) and then back to the configurations we were using for that particular FC, we seemed to have gotten it back in order. However, I am concerned that it will randomly happen again, as it did on that aircraft and another that I was routinely using. It was very odd and seemed to be something that wasn’t consistent and associated with any particular action. Very random.

The flight controls were purchased at different times. A decent spread in dates between purchases, and I believe the 1st one to exibit this behavior was at least a year or more old.

The other was purchased relatively recently (past 2-3 months).