FBWB , AUTO cause Full Throttle & Pitch Down ?!

Hi all ,

I fly my plane with stab mode and FBWA and it works well .

but when I change mode to FBWA & AUTO ,
throttle went Full , and plane loss altitude fast pitch went down .

Elevator ch2 in ( pitch up 1200 )
Elevator ch2 out ( trim 1500 ) ??!! mean no pitch up out .

what is the problem ? what is the parameter that keep plane hold alt ?

Regards ?

Can you upload a log, it will help to understand what has happened.

please help me i just did autotune with aileron and it works fine while doing the elevetor tuning suddenly

i lost control of elevetor and rudder im using vtail talon airplane.

luckyly i land the plane without elevetor control and rudder

most likely cause is bad airspeed sensor, but we’d need a log to be sure

cant upload dont know why. can i send it through your email the logs?

I recommend you use some file-hosting site to upload the log. Some common choices are Google Drive and DropBox.

here my logs.can anyone helps me to find what is really the problem please? thanks

I am unable to download your log, I don’t think you have set the permissions correctly.