Fast speed log download over telem radio(s)

I’m trying to get something working to allow downloading logs over WIFI or some telem unit so I don’t have to open vehicle and get a USB in there. I have tried doing several serial to ethernet devices connected to both the telem ports and the USB port but can’t seem to get good data rates. For the WIFI solutions I’ve tried the wifi gui claims I get 10+ Mbps download/upload but when pulling logs via missionplanner I get kbps…takes forever.

Anyone have any solutions that work for this?

There’s these sort of telemetry units available from bangood and all sorts of places:

Be sure to check your laws and get the correct frequency for your region.

Or the real deal with long range:

These are also available from various regional sources

There used to be wifi transmitters specifically for this job but short range, so you only needed the one unit for on your craft and some other laptop or tablet to connect to it - but they seem to have disappeared lately.

I have both of these - what type of datarate do you get when trying to download logs remotely? I see very low numbers…

Slow as molasses with those radios. ESP8266 radios work OK for log download. Not the speediest either but functional.

Something must be going on in code to limit this…as i’ve tried serial to ethernet and its still slow when mbps should be close to what standard usb to mission planner is…or ive just had very crappy serial to ethernet devices but i’ve tested datarates and they should be promising